Silver Linings & Sunshine In Lindos

The expression ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is not one that warms the
heart of an aspiring writer: the phrase has always seemed to imply that I
should pawn my laptop and my dreams in order to stockpile Crayolas. Sometimes though, as scary as it is to admit, there are places or moments that are too beautiful to be imagined rather than actually seen. Such is the case for the town of Lindos in Rhodes. And apart from anything else, in the middle of a very English summer it is nice to have evidence that the continued existence of the sun is not just an urban myth.

Hello, Helios.

This is my first and favourite picture from my week in Rhodes because it is such a perfect example of why being an incessant perfectionist is a poor lifestyle
choice. Actually, describing myself as a perfectionist is unfair – I am more
along the lines of a raging control freak. Subsequently, when we arrived
exhausted and sweaty at our accommodation to find it to be without air
conditioning I began to have a literal as well as metaphorical meltdown. At 5am
on our second night Boyfriend and I were lying as far apart as possible, staring
at the ceiling, and wondering why we had neglected to book a holiday to
Lapland. “I’m going outside,” I panted desperately, “If the mosquitoes kill me
at least it will be cooler than this in Hell.” I staggered to the front door,
pulled it open, and was met with the most incredible sunrise over the Mediterranean. Sitting on the sand watching the sky turn from pink to orange as the sun came up, we realised that air con might be nice, but would not beat having an apartment less than a minute from the beach. If the silver lining of the cloud of excessive heat was this moment, then who needed air conditioning? (We did. We paid for it later that day, but never saw another sunrise.)

But asides aside, you are wasting precious time. Stop reading. Start packing bikinis or swim shorts and attempt to bribe cabin crew members into letting you onboard the next available flight to Lindos. Yes, it is touristy, but this only adds to the variety of produce and nightlife on offer. The town is actually quaintly
picturesque with narrow paved streets overhung by vines and bougainvillea, and lined with jewellery, fabric, and ceramic shops whose vibrantly patterned fares
contrast with the uniform whitewash of the buildings that cascade down to sandy
beaches and the sea. Shady tavernas and rooftop restaurants decked in fairy
lights waft out jazz with the smell of seafood and traditional Greek cuisine, while
donkeys pass by, bringing tourists back and forth from the acropolis that towers
above the town, over which the sun shines for roughly 300 days of the year. (Do excuse me while I remove this travel brochure from my mouth.)

Lovely Lindos

This was my favourite shop, marred by the realisation that I'm turning into my mother.

Slightly blurry strangers in the main street.

If the walk up to the acropolis fazes you then I highly recommend visiting the Acropolis Roof Garden Restaurant instead. Boyfriend and I had dinner there on our last night and were charmed by the delicious food, reasonable prices, hilarious waiters, romantic atmosphere, and the amount of alcohol provided. I ordered a cocktail that arrived in a glass the size of my face and was so drunk by the end of the meal that I practically begged Boyfriend to drink both of the
complimentary shots that came with the bill (“Please. Can’t. I’ll bisick.”). It
turns out that alcohol, heat, and ice cream are a lethal combination.

Sex on the beach - "Too hot for that!" said the waiter, har har.

Hmm, that glass looks smaller than I remember...

Boyfriend and his mussels, hee hee. (I think that weird light on his face is the reflection from my lens rather than anything more alien.)

Sunshine + sex on the beach + salad + sundae = a very good day for Gemma.

Sundae Girl. (Not looking quite as cool, calm, or collected as Debbie Harry. I think the blur adds nicely to the overall impression of drunkenness.)


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