There is a small chance that you read this by choice rather than Googling and accidentally clicking onto my blog expecting to find something to do with Ferris Bueller, in which case you may be concerned about my recent (and likely continued) lack of posts.

Well, as long as the elusive phenomenon of British summer is occuring (so probably for 10 days if we’re really, really lucky) I will be away from my laptop. I will instead be scampering around Cornwall like an over-excited puppy with the ability to use a camera, and taking lots of photos of myself in various sunny places. This way for the other 355 days of the year I can remind myself of what colour the sky is behind the clouds without having to think about wavelengths. And as pale people look ridiculous in the sunlight (like stray vampires) it’s pretty funny to have photographic evidence of my legs.


As Norman Parkinson once said, “I love sunshine – sunshine is my new religion”.


One response to “AWOL Gem

  1. Summer? Sorry, must have blinked – I’ll expect another post shortly.

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