Xmas Excess

(Disclaimer: some of you may think this post is just an excuse to advertise my Christmas list. You would be right.)

My Christmas list. (Boots: Topshop. Penguin dress: Sugarhill Boutique. Jacket: River Island.) I’d also like a solution to global warming and world peace as well. Obviously.

Considering that I’m a shopoholic who enjoys family, food, decorating and drunkenness it is unsurpring that Christmas has always been my favourite day of the year. I love everything about it. Everything. Not just the great bits that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside either; all the Xmas excess which most people hate still makes me as jolly as Saint Nic himself. Maybe I am just a child of consumerism, but Christmas stock appearing on shop floors in October and eating so much that you can’t move, look pregnant, and have to diet for weeks afterwards is fine by me.

‘Whoah ho ho’, you might be thinking. ‘The 21st Century capitalist Christmas message according to Gem? Turn yourself into a walking, talking Pac-man and consume everything in sight. Jesus who?’

Not the case. Even if you wrap Christmas up in a nice bundle of capitalism and stick some decorative consumerism on top, you can’t help but get to Christmas Day and rip all the crappy wrapping aside to reveal the whole point of it all. Not money, not necessarily even religion – love. Being with your loved ones, and enjoying each other’s company. It doesn’t matter if everything isn’t perfect: if your cat has played ping-pong with the expensive baubles or if your Christmas pudding explodes (true story) because – cliché alert – all you need is love. And apart from anything else, an exploding Christmas pudding makes a far better anecdote than any intact dessert.

So if you feel that Christmas is simply about capitalism then, well, boo you. You wouldn’t know Christmas spirit if it put on a pair of reindeer antlers and hit you in the face with a bowl of brandy butter.


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