Merry Christmas Everyone!

Good morning children! It’s Christmas!

I’ve been a lucky girl this year and have already had some wonderful presents from a few special people who put up with me on a regular basis: the Jaguar E-Type and the snow leopard were especially appreciated*.

My Christmas present to you lucky readers is the promise that, as I’m spending today with Boyfriend’s family for the first time – all 26 of them, children and dogs included – and that there will be copious amounts of food and alcohol present, I’m sure to embarrass myself in one way or another. And I’m definitely going to write about it, provided I don’t sink back into a chair and stay there forever like something from the second Pirates of the Caribbean film, but covered in mince pies and bits of wrapping paper rather than barnacles and seaweed.

Anyway, on that positive note, I need to make sure that my vegetarian dinner is coming along nicely and put on lots of lovely makeup so as not to scare Boyfriend’s younger cousins.

Love and goodwill to all!


*toy Jaguar E-Type, ‘adopted’ snow leopard from WWF


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