New Year’s Resolutions

The January Blues is a common condition which I firmly believe is caused by the sudden lack of Christmas, the weather, and a bunch of magazines with passive aggressive headlines about reinventing yourself. Apart from the issue of whether a reinvention is needed in the first place – which I will move onto in a minute, don’t panic – nobody has the energy to become a whole new person at this time of year anyway. We’re all too full of chocolate and wine. New Year’s resolutions are a brilliant way of evaluating your life and deciding what you want to change for the better, yet so often they are wasted on things which just make you unhappy, and which are accordingly abandoned before February.

So this year I have decided to resolve to do one thing only and it has absolutely nothing to do with losing weight. I resolve to enjoy life.

I resolve to remember that life is short. To remember that time is more precious than money. To cook more. To keep learning French. To exercise rather than shop as stress relief. To take more photographs and hang them on walls rather than just post them on the internet. To be happy with my body. To be happy with my mind. To not buy cheap vodka. To travel more. To not be ashamed by stopping to talk to a cat. To read a book that has no relevance to my degree. To spend more time outside. To reduce my carbon footprint. To paint more. To buy expensive moisturiser because after all I will wear it every day. To not be afraid of change. To smile more often than I frown. To graduate knowing that I tried as hard as I could without becomming a hermit. To eat more cheese. To learn how to knit. To finally watch Inception. To care less about the day to day activities of my fringe. To find a job that I love. To write to my MP.  To believe in myself. To tell the people I love that I love them. And to not be annoyed with Boyfriend if he turns the light off when I’m still in the bathroom.


2 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. “…eat more cheese” ???

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