Anniversaries and Old Age

Hold onto your hats folks because today is truly (and without any hint of sarcasm at all) a momentous occasion. Today is (dun dun dun!) my second anniversary with WordPress. A little orange trophy symbol has popped up in the top right hand corner of my WordPress ‘Dashboard’, presumably to remind me of the significance of the day, as if I’m the kind of person who might forget their anniversary with their website. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure what to do with this information. Do I take my blog out to dinner? Buy my blog flowers? What if my blog doesn’t appreciate gender stereotypes, or suffers from hay fever? After much deliberation, I decided to write on my blog to celebrate – which is coincidentally how I plan to spend my four year anniversary with Boyfriend next month.

Just kidding, I won’t actually be writing on Boyfriend on our anniversary, partly because he would think I’d totally lost my mind but mainly because we’ll be several hundred miles apart; a fact which I’m not the slightest bit bitter about. I watched Ted for the first time last week and most definitely did not spend the whole film growling at Mila Kunis for being ungrateful about her lovely posh four-year-anniversary dinner. In my defence: what an awful film. I didn’t so much as giggle until the very last line: “Robert hired a trainer, lost a substantial amount of weight, and went on to become Taylor Lautner”. At this point I laughed the hysterical laughter of a girl who thinks Taylor Lautner is massively over-rated and who has just wasted two hours of her life.

Maybe I just don't like him because he's prettier than me?

Maybe I just don’t like him because he’s prettier than me?

Ahem. Anyway, the point of my accidental anniversary rant is that time seems to be moving very quickly at the moment, with the unpleasant side effect of me feeling decidedly old. I’ve finished university, Boyfriend and I have celebrated our 21st birthdays this year (his at Gordon Ramsay’s London restaurant, Maze, where the food is heavenly and the cocktails alone cost more than my whole birthday meal at Pizza Express), we’ve been together for almost four years, I need to find a job (somebody please read this and pay me to write things), and at some point reasonably soon I need to think about moving out of my childhood home for good. Terrifying. If you find me in the foetal position, sucking my thumb, and listening to Lana Del Rey purr, “Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?” then please give me a good slap.

My first course at the amazing Maze!

My first course at amazing Maze! (See what I did there?). It has flowers on it! Flowers!

Oh, and most importantly: it’s been two years since I started writing on here! Thank you for reading despite how often I have very little to say, and an especially big thank you from the bottom of my ego for everyone who has ever drunkenly told me they love it.

So happy anniversary, blog. Lots of love from Gem.


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