Cornish Calories

As well as my (highly dubious) theory that calories don’t count when you’re on holiday, I also have an inkling that everything tastes better. Maybe it’s because you’re happy and relaxed (maybe it’s because you’re in denial about not gaining weight) but whatever the reason, I always enjoy food more when I’m away.

And the food in my favourite holiday spot never disappoints.

First off, let me take you to Fowey. The little town is a few miles from our slice-of-heaven cottage on the beach, and it oozes charm at such a rate that even short visits have the dangerous potential to melt your heart into a little puddle of gloop. My favourite place for brunch is no exception.

Welcome to Pinky Murphy’s.

Pinky Murphy's
You can bring your dogs inside, but you must leave your grumpiness at the door.

Pinky Murphy's
Once inside you would be forgiven for wondering if some kind of retro bomb had recently detonated. The telly might be showing surf videos, or old Tom and Jerry cartoons. The sofas are a hotchpotch of different shapes and colours, and the tables are named after musicians rather than numbered. And there is stuff everywhere. It’s a beautiful mess.

Pinky Murphy's

Pinky Murphy's
We plonked ourselves down at Bob Marley and ordered our elevenses. You can just glimpse the little galley kitchen behind my dad’s smile (it’s hard not to smile in Pinky’s!) which was expelling a steady stream of mouth-watering-ness.

Dad in Pinky Murphy's

The tea arrived…

Mum in Pinky Murphy's

And then the teacakes!

Toasted teacake and jam

Sis and I were two happy bunnies at this point!

Gem and Chlo at Pinky Murphy's

Toasted teacake and jam

In fact, I may have enjoyed myself just a tiny bit too much…

Gem the jam fiend
That’s my not-even-a-little-bit-embarrassed smile.

Still feeling a little bit peckish after that huge pot of jam? A dinner visit to  Sam’s on the Beach over in Polkerris will soon fix that, if you can bear to drag yourself away from Fowey. (If not, Sam’s have a restaurant in the middle of Fowey too.)

Stop to stroke this handsome chap if you see him on your way in…

Ginger Cat
…And then come on inside. My dad’s even holding the door open for you, look!

Sam's on the Beach
Sam’s was the Polkerris lifeboat station from 1859-1922, so the back wall is a huge window showing a fantastic panorama of the harbour, and the ceilings are high enough to fit the old Fowey lifeboat inside – and to make me with my love of space and light very content indeed.  

Sam's on the Beach

Mum at Sam's on the Beach
The décor’s pretty lovely, too.

Sam's on the Beach

Sam's on the Beach
Sam’s is a seafood restaurant but they do a damn good pizza, so no matter what floats your boat or tickles your fancy, perusing the menu is bound to make you smile – as demonstrated nicely by my mum who was positively beaming at this point…

Mum at Sam's on the Beach
We ordered bread and marinated olives to share for our starter (and my family forgave me for eating more than my fair share of the green ones)…

Olives at Sam's on the Beach
… And then I got down to business with this bad boy.

Pizza at Sam's on the Beach
The artichoke hearts, aubergines, olives, onions, tomatoes and rocket topped pizza went down a treat, until I was feeling decidedly stuffed. But it’s a well known fact that human beings have a separate stomach for dessert…

Beachboker Glory at Sam's on the Beach
That, my friend, is magical mixture of ice cream, chocolate sauce, cherry sauce, and marshmallows, named a Beachboker Glory. Calories? Never heard of ’em.



2 responses to “Cornish Calories

  1. Are you trying to get a job advertising for these two establishments? They must love you. Much better than Trip Advisor! I should feed your blog through to that website too. You might get free food tasting trips out of it!!!!! Can I come too if you do? Xxxxxx
    Sent from my iPad

    • Haha I wish! Free food is the Holy Grail of blogging, second only to free holidays. But we can dream! (And of course you can come on future hypothetical free food based trips, but probably best not to hold your breath…)

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