Guess Who’s Back

Hi strangers.

When I started this blog – about a billion years ago – I was a teenage girl. I lived at home with my parents. I spent more time talking to my cat than to most humans. I had a boyfriend with blonde hair, dodgy knees, and a mild tabasco addiction. (That is, the addiction was mild. The tabasco most certainly wasn’t.) My favourite item of clothing was my dressing gown. My diet consisted primarily of things dipped in hummus. I was clearly nowhere near ready to be a fully fledged adult. And it made a lot of sense for me to be writing a blog revolving mostly around how I was a ridiculous human being.

Now though, I’m 24 (and a half). In the last six years I have gone from teenager, to university student, to commuter, to backpacker. Three years at uni, two years working in London, and a year travelling around Asia and New Zealand will change a girl.


Look how much I resemble a (totally badass) adult human!

The mind almost boggles at how much closer to becoming a grown up I must be!

I mean, sure, I still live at home with my parents. Yes, I still spend a lot of time engaged in conversation with my cat. I have a different boyfriend… with blonde hair, dodgy knees, and a mild tabasco addiction. (Is this my type? If yes, what? Why? What?) My favourite item of clothing is – and always will be – my dressing gown. My diet is drastically different because now I normally spread or dollop hummus on things as opposed to dipping them in it, which I feel is progress, probably.

I think I stopped writing on here because I decided that I had outgrown it. Clearly I was wrong.

I’m in the process of looking for a new job, and keep being asked about CMS systems, so have been mentioning this blog a lot in conversations with normally go something like this:

Interviewer: What experience do you have of using CMS systems? I see you have a new blog, is that WordPress?
Me: Yes, and before my new blog (Backpacking Fairytales), I had another one for years, so I’m very familiar with WordPress.
Interviewer: Oh really? Another blog? That isn’t on your CV though, right?
Me: No, it was a personal blog, mostly about I’m a ridiculous and embarrassing excuse of a human being.
Interviewer: *Nervous laughter*

It’s fitting that talking about the platform on which I used to recount all the painfully awkward moments of my life always seems to be so painfully awkward. And I realised that if all the uncomfortable situations I get myself into never make it into written format, they don’t have the chance to become funny. Tragedy plus writing is comedy, or something like that. So in the light of my current-unemployment, back-living-with-my-parents, still-unable-to-successfully-open-doors-or-crisp-packets situation… hi again, blog world.


One response to “Guess Who’s Back

  1. It’s nice to have you back, no matter that you are still living with Parents etc. Missed your comments.

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